Lisa Fitch is a visual artist with a dedication for capturing the small, usually unseen, nuances of nature. Her work serves to connect the viewer to moments of tranquility and connectedness.

Inspired by nature, whose sublime forms, colors, and chaotic power shape the ever-changing landscape, she seeks to suggest, in addition to beauty, a feeling of hope and peace. She examines organic forms from many angles as souvenirs of memory, creating images that objectify and transmit the emotions evoked by the natural world.

She believes that within nature and ourselves we discover interconnectedness. A union with a continuous reminder of our relationship to the whole, an emotional existence and experience of the sacred foundation of all things created.


Gallery Representation

United Photographic Artists Gallery



Professional Association of Visual Artists, Central Florida, 2015 - present

 The Photographic Art Society of Florida, St. Petersburg, 2014-2015


Mr. Lynn Whitelaw, Private Collector, Florida, USA

Mr. Frank Rossi, Private Collector, Mannheim, Germany

Lyons Law Group, P.A., Private Collector, Florida, USA

Mr. and Mrs. Bernie Ness, Private Collectors, North Dakota, USA

Massage Envy, Palm Harbor, Private Collector, Florida, USA

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bosman, Private Collectors, Florida, USA

Ms. Carolyn Ryder, Private Collector, Florida, USA

Ms. Barbara Held, Private Collector, Florida, USA

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Olson, Private Collectors, Florida, USA

Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Burns, Private Collectors, Wisconsin, USA



St. Petersburg College, Florida, Photography Darkroom Studies, 2007-2008

University of South Florida, Florida, Photography Studies, 2008-2010

Focus and Concept Workshops, 2011 - present

Private MFA Studies,Pierre Dutertre, Florida, 2014-2017


Keepsakes Prints

Edition Prints: 7 at 7.75”x 7.75” Please email for pricing

Illuminating Tranquility Prints

Edition Prints: 35 at 11.5" x 11.5"  Please email for pricing  

Edition Prints:   5 at 21" x 21” Please email for pricing   

All artwork printed by the artist